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Why Monitor Social Media on ?

Mainstream Social Media - Near Real-time Listening

Buzzinga listens into all mainstream social media sources such as Twitter, Facebook public, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr and also maintains a massive listening index of millions of News, Blogs and Forum sources enabling listening on a near real-time level. Buzzinga's monitoring platform aggregates content from all languages across the globe and enables Keyword and Boolean string based search. Buzzinga also allows you to track public Facebook pages or twitter handles to form your own specific listening index.

Country and Industry specific listening indexes

To make immediate sense at an enterprise level and improve data relevancy, Buzzinga classifies its plethora of Blogs, Forum and News feeds on a Country and Industry specific basis thereby enabling localized and highly relevant listening. This data is harnessed along with geo-tagged articles from Twitter and Google + to ensure high data throughput whilst maintaining extremely high stands of data quality.

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KeyQuery based Social KPI Monitoring

Buzzinga works with organizations and brands to identify metrics that measure the social KPIs that define the brand and the industry to which the organization belongs to. Buzzinga then sets forth a keyquery based listening paradigm that enables deep dive listening into every social KPI thereby bringing forth highly relevant social conversations that are directly actionable upon.

Example: Ecommerce Social KPI Measurement

Intelligent content Analysis

It is one thing to aggregate relevant data and a whole other thing to derive meaningful insights from the same.

Buzzinga provides a crisp and comprehensive analytics dashboard that enables state-of-the-art analytics on every facet of data that defines and measures social performance.

Sentiment Analysis

Automated sentiment is processed through world class sentiment analysis APIs in AlchemyAPI™ and OpenAmplify™ with manual sentiment override


Source article, author, description and time of post: The articles over any selected period of time accompanied with author, a short description of the article and the time of posting the same.


The potential reach of facebook and twitter articles over a time period.

Competitive analysis

Allows for comparison with competitors in your industry with deep dive drill down to PMI and metric levels

Top Influencers

Automated as well as manual identification of people who influeunce the brand. For Twitter and Google+ articles, influencer detection is enhanced using the implementation of Klout™.

Language detection

Language detection and blacklisting of articles allows for analysis of posts across all mainstream languages in the world.

Geo location spread

Tagging and organization of articles by region for Twitter, Google+, News, Blogs and Forums

Annotating key points

Annotating on key points on the main overview graph allows for subject matter and marketing experts to give inputs on trends, cause and effect, allowing for insightful reporting.

Tag cloud

Understand brand associations through a tag cloud setup that refreshes based on the PMIs set.

Customer engagement

Association of official facebook and twitter accounts of customers with Buzzinga to engage and reply to tweets and facebook posts on the go.

Share your Insights using detailed Reports

Buzzinga's detailed performance reports offer customers both, a holistic view of their brands as well as in depth analytics on the various PMIs and metrics setup for them. Customers have the option of downloading both XLS and PDF reports on demand.

Buzzinga involves Subject Matter Experts identified by the interface to give their qualified insights on the analyzed data effectively productizing the service component at the end of the social media analytics chain.

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